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Here are some questions we receive most frequently regarding online purchases on this site: payments, shipments, doubts, etc. If yours is missing from the list... follow the advice in the last paragraph.

1) Nice site, original products and excellent prices, but I don't know you...
The Internet is a huge network and it is impossible to visit all online jewelry stores. If you arrived on these pages through the advice of a friend, you don't need reassurance: a person's disinterested opinion is worth more than a thousand advertisements. That's why we prefer others to talk about us. To read the opinions of those who have already purchased from our online store, look in the "Reviews", if instead you want to look into the eyes of our team managers click on the "About us" item.

2) Can I trust you?
With eyes closed. Our policy is based on the concept of transparency and all the information on this site proves it. We have 100% satisfied customers and this, for us, is the best guarantee. In our e-Commerce you will not find disadvantageous asterisks, inconvenient conditions written in small letters or long incomprehensible contracts. You won't have any surprises here: the prices are clear and include VAT: by continuing, you won't have any additions or surcharges. The site does not require user registration and the order procedure is limited to two simple and quick steps. In short, before being sellers we are in turn online buyers and we know what it means...

 3) Are the prices VAT included? Are there any hidden costs?
The prices indicated are always inclusive of VAT. Furthermore, on our site there are no hidden costs: you don't have to add anything that is not clearly indicated in the cart, just the price of the product + the price of shipping (even if it's often free!). The only exception concerns cash on delivery: if you decide to pay this way we ask you for a small contribution. That's why we recommend the card.

 4) Do you issue a receipt or invoice?

The invoice is basically a mandatory tool for selling. The receipt, on the other hand, in certain situations is a tool available to the entrepreneur to replace the invoice to speed up the revenue certification process. Please note that we give a 1 year guarantee.

 5) How boring, to place an order I have to register here too!?
No, no, noooo! We have chosen to eliminate the entire registration procedure. To buy on this site, just enter the data of the buyer, choose how to pay and you're done. All very simple, as if you were buying in a normal physical store.

6) I would like to make a gift, how does it work?
No problem, the procedure is always the same: add the products to the cart, fill in the data of the buyer (probably yours), but pay attention to the "Shipping data" and "Do you want to make a gift?" boxes. Enter the complete address of the person to whom you wish to deliver the package in the first box. Then enter any message (optional) in the second box. You just have to pay. Instead, we will package the products and send your surprise to the indicated recipient.




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